A lot of people outside the escorts service think that we escorts have got an easy time.

That is for from the truth, and it can be rather hard work to work for an escorts service. I have been working for Lewisham escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/lewisham-escorts for three years now, and it is has been fun but hard work. Just because you are pretty, doesn’t mean that you will succeed in the escorts service. You have to have a lot of other attributes as well, and I think that many of them are relevant to life in general.

Before I joined Lewisham escorts, I thought that it was going to be a work in the park or a doddle. Having worked for a major department store selling cosmetics, I thought that I would have an easy time. What I did know was that promotional techniques are really important when you work for an escorts service. It took me a little while to get going on that one, but in the end, I learned that I had to promote myself. I was used to promoting products but now I had to promote myself instead. It was a new experience, and a good one to learn.

After a couple of months at Lewisham escorts I was sorting of getting into the swing of things, and my dating diary was filling up nicely. The other girls were not that friendly with me and many of them said that I was just too pushy. I soon realized that we were all approaching the job of working for Lewisham escorts differently. To be fair, I was probably taken my approach a bit more seriously and actually focused on building up a business around myself. To be fair, the other girls could have done the same thing, and it all comes down to willing to succeed.

I soon realized that I really get a buzz out of selling. At the moment I was sort of marketing myself and not products, but I saw myself as a commodity. Most of the other girls at Lewisham escorts did not have the same experience as I did and this is perhaps why we did not get on. I was doing really well, and earning pots of money when the other girls gained up on me. In the end, things got so bad that I left Lewisham escorts.

Now I am back working within the cosmetics industry, and I am a sales trainer at the head office. I miss the gents that I met at the agency but I am loving my job. Selling something is an arts form and I have learned that it is my real gift in life. I am glad that I have had the experience of working within the escorts industry, and I did do well. As a result I was able to pay a good deposit on my flat and now I only have a small mortgage. I am doing a job that I love and with a bit of luck, I will have the mortgage paid off quickly thanks to all of my bonuses.

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