It may seem like a strange thing but I have a lot of fantasies about north London escorts.

I know that most gents probably dream about dating elite escorts, or hot girls in Las Vegas, but I dream about dating escorts in north London of . When I first started to date escorts there weren’t a lot of escorts agencies in this part of town, but that has now all changed. Even the local lads in north London now get the opportunity to date escorts and fulfill their fantasies with some super sexy girls. Just what you need to do after a long hard week at work.

Personally, I date a couple of times per week here in north London. All of the north London escorts that I have met have all been super hot so I can’t say that I really have a favorite girl. What I like about the escorts in this part of town is that they literally come from anywhere. You an actually meet hot girls from any part of the world in north London, and that makes the escorts experience even more exciting. It means that you come across different techniques and dating styles all of the time. You can even date Japanese or Asian girls here.

With the hand on my heart, I have to say that I have fallen for Asian girls. I never thought that I would but I have discovered that there is something really special about Asian north London escorts. Perhaps it is just Asian girls in general, but they seemed to by much more broadminded and open to new ideas somehow. It could be that a lot of them came here with a lot of experience in escorts and I think that has helped a great deal. Polish girls are not so experienced.

Mind you, I shouldn’t be running Polish girls down. There are great fun to be with and I really enjoy their company. A lot of Polish girls work as party girls in this part of London, and I have been to great parties with these little hot cakes. They can probably drink any man under the table, but I suppose I have to learn how to handle my drink better if I want to date Polish party girls. There are a lot of them and they certainly seem to be very popular with the local escorts agencies around here.

I am sure that the north London escorts will get more popular. A lot of gents do say that it is very expensive to date in central London now, so many of them do come to north London to date. Saying that, a lot of the local girls also do outcalls and I know that they visit gents all over London. It seems strange somehow, but north London is quickly becoming a bit of a Mecca for escorts services. In the last year we have had quite a few agencies opening up here. To a single guy like me, that is a bad thing at all,

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