How to deal with difficult clients at London escorts

It’s not new news that as London escorts you can come across some very difficult clients. To be fair in most jobs that a customer facing they are always going to be those one or two or even three or four very difficult obnoxious clients. And it is no different here for us girls at London escorts. The receptionist actually bear the brunt of any difficulties that may come about from customers who don’t tend to get their way. But sometimes when you’re actually in a booking the customer can become quite difficult.


So that tends to be three different types of difficult clients when it comes to London escorts at Charlotte Escorts Available Girls. The first type is the I am never satisfied type. This type of customer consistently change their mind about which girl from the agency they wish to book. One minute there ultimate desire is to have a blonde the next a redhead and then the next a brunette and all of these changes of mind happen within one five minute phone call. When the receptionist tell us about this type of customer we know that we need to make 100% sure that we have written confirmation of what the customer has asked us or what services he has requested. This helps London escorts to argue any point later on when the customer decides they want to come back and be difficult. With a paper trail or written proof of what the customer and as ladies have discussed it makes it a lot easier to prove a point and close the case.


So the second type of difficult customer that you will find typically frequent London escort is the Gemini customer. The girls at London escorts call them Gemini customers because to your face they are a sweet as pie for ever praising you and seeing what a wonderful evening they’ve had and then as soon as you’ve left it on the phone to the agency complaining about every detail of the booking. Most of us girls are the agency find these particular customers the most annoying as if they were to actually let us know what the problem was there and then we could’ve actually resolved it and they wouldn’t of had to complain to the agency later on.


The third type of difficult customer or client is the one who doesn’t actually know what they want. These will take the clients will tell London escort‘s surprise me make me happy you pick where we should go on a date and then when the girls at London escort take these things into their own hand according to the client everything is wrong and acceptable and they are not satisfied. What confuses us about these particular clients in the first place is that we are strangers to them as they are to us so when they say things like surprise me as girls have no idea what you like or what you would consider a surprise so it’s quite difficult to satisfy these types of customers.

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